Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gotta post somethin'

Hello to all.

Again, I'm sorry for the lack of posts but I've been giving to ol' wrist a bit of a break these days. I feel like I needed a bit of a break and I've been working on a few interesting but visually boring proposals. More of a calm before the storm kind of thing. I just hope the storm isn't months away.

Anyways, I felt like I should post something for those 2 people who keep checking up to see nothing new (you cats know who you are... thanks mom, dad).

This is the pilot episode I did for Doodlez, possibly the best thing I've ever worked on. I was approached by a company in the maritimes here in Canada to come up with an idea to pitch to the local toon station Teletoon. I was leaving for the ritualistic 6 months in Europe so I had a pretty tight deadline and a tiny budget. So I decided to do it myself and use a lot of the cheats inherent to Flash. Me, I think it came out pretty good...

Can you tell that I'm a Chuck Jones fan? Yeah I lifted the idea a little but I truely feel like I made it my own. It took me about 3 weeks and a coffee iv to get this thing done. I have no idea how I pulled it off. The glass shatter alone took me about 3 days. I envy you computer people sometimes.

So that was the pilot and there ended up being 49 more of these little guys. It was a great 2 years of work and I miss it. I fell like I'm taking all the credit though, Campbell MacKinley did the majority of the directing when he took over for season 2 and he did a great job. Also, Duker and Lambey did a great job mimicking and improving on my child-like designs. Because of these guys and the talented animators Doodlez won the Gemini for best animated balh blah 2 years in a row (tv awards in Canada). Good on ya everyone.

Stay cool...

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Hey Guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts. I recently finished a really big contract and I'm quickly moving on to another one. I've got lots of little sketches while watching Deadwood in anticipation for the new season but nothing really worth showing. The work that I did on the other contracts was also fun but I was mimicing someone else's style and I feel cheap posting any of it up here.

There will be more. I swear, just not today.

Thanks for dropping by!